Strategic Infrastructure Advisory Services

We can help you deliver consistent, relevant and achievable social performance outcomes through our strategic infrastructure advisory services and outcomes-driven approach.

We create socio-economic outcomes through procurement, industry participation and workforce diversity initiatives. We’d love to help with your social sustainability, skills and employment, diversification and inclusion, workforce development and workforce culture strategies.

Social sustainability and economic development strategies

We can advise on, guide and develop your social and economic development strategy, including local content plans.

This includes the detailing of key elements and activities for planning, implementation, procurement and delivery.

We take an outcomes-based approach and will recommend and develop measurable outputs to support the delivery of your key project or program objectives.

We can also advise on best practice examples from Australia, as well as internationally, due to our extensive experience delivering strategic infrastructure advisory services.

Skills and employment strategies

We can advise on, guide and develop your skills and employment strategy.

We can advise you on strategic priorities including developing capability and transferable skills, maximising employment for local communities, providing opportunities for young people and providing a sustainable future workforce.

We are specialists in the delivery of skills and employment strategies for major infrastructure projects.

Diversity and inclusion strategies

We can advise on, guide and develop your diversity and inclusion strategy.

We can advise you on strategic priorities including Aboriginal employment, gender equality, and employment of the long-term unemployed and humanitarian new entrants.

Advising on the inclusion of under-represented groups in infrastructure projects is core to our strategic infrastructure advisory service.

Workforce development

We can establish your workforce development approach.

We can help you identify and develop workforce priorities, as well as your key objectives and measures of success, whether on a specific project or for your workforce as a whole.

We can help you address and identify skills gaps and shortages to inform and develop an industry skills strategic plan, which includes skills and labour forecasting.

We can also advise on, and establish training and recruitment programs to address current and future skills gaps and shortages

Workforce culture and wellbeing design

Workforce culture and wellbeing design

We can provide advice on your workforce culture and wellbeing, including how to create an appropriate workforce culture and develop effective employee wellbeing programs.

Strategic review and development of training

We can advise on, guide and develop your new training programs, as well as undertake a strategic, expert review of your existing programs.

We can develop your competency frameworks and associated training programs, which could include pre-employment and up-skilling programs, job brokerage programs, apprenticeship programs and onsite training facilities.

We can also up-skill project stakeholders on social procurement and the delivery of industry skills.

We love supporting skills providers to deliver high-quality, employer-responsive curricula and training programs and can’t wait to work with you.

Strategic review and development of training