Skill development and training

We offer extensive skill development and training, qualification development and research services.

If you’re a peak body or training provider, we can help you develop qualifications, competency frameworks and training programs.

If you’re in industry, we can help you identify and establish delivery methods, including:

  • Developing new onsite training facilities or centres
  • Social procurement training
  • Pre-employment and up-skilling programs
  • Careers programs
  • Apprenticeship programs
  • Partnerships with schools
  • Industry skills development programs
  • Other skills development initiatives

Research services

We can undertake supply and demand analysis to inform the setup and delivery of your local content and workforce development plans.

We can also undertake community and industry profiling to inform your social sustainability and economic development strategy.

Social procurement skill development and training

Whether you are a government department, industry or business professional, we provide customised training on how to achieve socio-economic outcomes through social procurement.

Your customised skills development program could include:

  • Current social procurement best practices
  • Current legislative requirements for social procurement within major projects
  • Ideas to locate and approach potential funding sources
  • Diversity and inclusion best practices
  • Skill development and employment best practices
Research, Training and Development