Social Procurement & Project Delivery Services

We offer unparalleled social procurement expertise as we are the only company that is exclusively focused on social procurement in Australia. We can assist your major project through best practice social procurement management, from planning to ongoing monitoring.

Whether you’re an executive project director, sustainability manager or industry professional, we can help you create relevant programs to ensure the delivery of your project’s social procurement requirements. We can also identify training and up-skilling opportunities, potential partners, and new funding sources.

 We can also help you uncover and deliver the economic and social benefits of diversity and inclusion policies.

Social Procurement and Contract Advisory Services

We provide social procurement advice and delivery. Our expert services include the identification of and recommendations for social procurement methodologies and contract mechanisms. We can translate your legislative and project objectives into contractual requirements and outputs, using your preferred procurement methodology.

Comply with ISO 20400

We will help you comply with ISO 20400, the first international standard on sustainable procurement. We will help you understand what sustainable procurement is, how it impacts your policy, strategy and organisation and how to implement realistic and sustainable procurement practices to enhance your project outcomes.

Access Best Practice Case Studies

We can help you identify critical social procurement outcomes and provide information and case studies on existing social procurement delivery models and social procurement examples in Australia and internationally.

Tender document preparation, assessment and evaluation

We can help you with tender document preparation (including jobs, skills and industry participation plans, minimum required outcomes, legislative compliance and related contractual requirements), assessment and evaluation. We also offer project reporting mechanisms, risk assessment and management and contract and performance management services.

Collaborative delivery models

We will help you work within a collaborative delivery model which includes local stakeholders, Aboriginal stakeholders, infrastructure projects, jobs skills and industry programs.

Social procurement templates

We can also develop a social procurement policy template to ensure the adoption of a long-term sustainable procurement policy for all your future projects.

Diversity and Inclusion Programs

Aboriginal Participation

Aboriginal people are under-represented in the industry workforce, and we offer expertise to help address this gap.

We work with an Aboriginal advisory services partner to provide services such as the preparation and implementation of NSW APiC plans, Aboriginal Participation Policies and Aboriginal business support programs.

We can enable your major infrastructure projects to access higher levels of productivity and access to broader talent pools by collaborating with Aboriginal groups and workers.

Equality for Gender, Youth & Humanitarian Entrants

We can ensure your major projects actively promote gender, youth and humanitarian equality, enabling you to tap into talented workers from all walks of life.

Assisting the Long-Term Unemployed

Your major projects can create life-changing work for the long-term unemployed. We can develop and implement programs to help you reach and upskill potential industry workers to ensure future staffing.

Skills and Employment Programs

We can deliver your workforce development plan including strategic recommendations and goals, actions and key performance indicators, resources and critical stakeholders, timeframes and milestones, reference documents and policies.

Your projects can create life-changing work for the long-term unemployed. We can also develop and implement programs to help you reach and upskill potential industry workers to ensure future staffing.

Project Management

We can manage your social procurement strategy and delivery. From project inception, we can develop a strategy by researching and understanding socio-economic factors and industry profiles to build a case about the type of social and industry outcomes you should seek to achieve. We can also assist with the development of contractual requirements to deliver the agreed outcomes, as well as incentives and penalties. 

Let us help you with tender evaluation, as well as reporting, auditing and performance managing contractors. We can provide monitoring, reporting and review mechanisms including reporting templates and target delivery profiles as well as advise on systems to support reporting and compliance across the supply chain.

Funding Advice and Optimisation

We can help you locate and apply for funding to deliver a social procurement approach within your significant projects. We have an established track record of securing funding, and we can approach a variety of funding sources with which we have established relationships to help meet your funding goals.

Qualification development

We can help you collaborate with industry and standards bodies to develop qualifications, competency schemes, licences and training packages.

Job brokerage services

We provide project-based job brokerage services to help match job seekers with the roles required within your major projects.

Stakeholder engagement and management

We can help you manage your social procurement project stakeholders. You can rest assured that we are handling your social procurement strategy and on-the-ground activities based on our extensive expertise.

Business support programs

We support small businesses, including Aboriginal businesses to develop their capacity. We can also help you access major project opportunities.

We can work with you to establish clear themes, priorities and strategies for your business support program.