Industry Engagement Advice and Services

We work with the transportation, construction and power and utilities industries. We train and up-skill current and future staff on industry techniques and technologies.

We can work with you to develop customised education offerings, including apprenticeships, graduate programs and training institutes. We ensure that our program outcomes generate genuine industry development.

We can also support you to deliver on government social impact objectives and requirements, including tender responses and the delivery of programs to meet government contractual requirements.

Industry Engagement

Infrastructure projects create socio-economic opportunities for local communities. Infrastructure projects are also extremely complex. 

 We can help to provide employment for communities, and to increase industry capacity and capabilities through the development of skills banks.

We can ensure that your next infrastructure project optimises opportunities through its supply chain, employs local workers and helps communities develop transferrable skills. This will increase the industry skills availability for future projects.

We can also assist you to ensure that your project workforce represents our communities through our own diversity and inclusion advisory services and programs.

A peak body working with Infrastructure Skills Advisory

Transportation and Construction

Transport projects occur within complex regulatory, policy and industry backgrounds. They must also deliver consistent, relevant and achievable social outcomes that are meaningful to diverse communities, environments and industry expectations.

We have created many social outcomes and industry engagement frameworks within Australian transportation and construction projects, particularly within rail.

Some of the projects we have worked on include:

We can help you hardwire social outcomes into your procurement and contracting processes, including:

  • Social performance content for expressions of interest for construction contracts
  • Social performance content for requests for proposals for construction contracts
  • Advice on incentives and abatements for construction contracts to maximise social performance outcomes
  • Social performance evaluation tools